Instagram allows users to upload videos with audio; however, there is no feature for downloading Instagram Reels audio. Have you come across an Instagram song you want to use in your video but are uncertain how to download it for offline use?

How to Download Instagram Reels as MP3 on Mobile and Desktop

This wikiHow article will teach you how to download an Instagram Reel as MP3 on both mobile devices and desktop PCs.

Copy the Post’s URL

Share URLs provide Instagram users with a way to access, save, and copy content posted by another user for use elsewhere on social media or websites. To access them simply tap on any post’s three-dot icon and select “Copy Share URL,” copying it directly to their clipboard for easy pasting elsewhere.

Important Considerations for Downloading Instagram Reel Audio

However, this method only works for publicly shared posts; otherwise, if a post is private it won’t be possible to download its audio file. Furthermore, downloading any Instagram audio clip without first consulting its original creator could violate copyright laws and could constitute theft of intellectual property.

Choosing Safe Third-Party Instagram Reel MP3 Download Websites

There are various third-party download websites available that can assist in this process. While some may appear questionable or unsafe, most are generally safe to use. To select an appropriate website it’s a good idea to read reviews and look out for verification badges to ensure it doesn’t collect your personal data or redirect you to other suspicious websites.

Instagram’s Built-In Audio-Saving Feature: A Quick Guide

Instagram provides its own audio-saving feature that may come in handy in times of emergency. To use it, find the reel you wish to save audio for and click its title at the bottom left. This will open an audio screen that lets you play back any saved music; when ready to use the song in another Reel simply click “Use Audio.”

Visit a Third-Party Download Website

No direct way exists on Instagram Reels for downloading audio; however, third-party tools exist that enable users to extract and save reels as MP3 files. One such third-party tool is InstaVideoSave which offers conversion and download of Instagram videos and Reels into audio. To use it, first navigate your Instagram app into Reels mode, select your Reel video that you’d like to convert, tap share button then copy link then visit InstaVideoSave website paste the link in their search box – easy!

This method works best if you want to download an Instagram Reel that includes music by an established artist or band; however, be mindful that such methods could violate copyright laws and should only be used for personal use.

Downloading Instagram Stories: Easy Steps and Safety Precautions

These methods also work for Instagram Stories, short videos that vanish after 24 hours. To download an Instagram Story, follow these same steps but make sure that the website you use is legitimate; look for one with an SSL certificate and secure connection in place to prevent data theft as well as being easy to navigate and use. If unsure, check reviews or user comments before visiting and reading their privacy policies/terms of service policies/terms of service before entering.

Paste the URL

Instagram Reels is an increasingly popular way to share short 15-second videos set to music, either directly on Instagram or through third-party applications like TikTok. However, Instagram does not permit users to download Reel audio as MP3 files directly – although there are ways around this limitation.

Downloading Instagram Reels with Dedicated Apps: A Convenient Option

Use a dedicated Reel downloader app. These apps are available on both iOS and Android devices and when downloaded simply follow the instructions to paste a Reel video’s URL into it, follow any onscreen prompts to paste an MP3 audio file directly onto your device for storage.

Extracting Instagram Reel Audio with File Manager App

One other solution is using a third-party file manager app from the Play Store. After you’ve downloaded Reel audio, open up the file manager and click on its “Edit” icon; once inside click “Extract from Video” before tapping three dots next to Reel audio and selecting “Extract.” When complete you can access it on your Music screen of device.

Instagram Reel Audio Downloads: Privacy & Permissions

These methods work well for downloading Instagram Reels with sound, but won’t work with Reels posted to private profiles; to access its audio from them you will have to obtain permission first from its creator.

Download the Audio

Instagram is a social media platform that encourages both content consumption and production. One effective strategy for making engaging video content on Instagram is using trending music as it draws in more viewers to your Reels or posts for increased engagement and reach.

Manually Saving Instagram Reel Audio

Unfortunately, Instagram does not currently allow its users to download Instagram Reel audio directly through the app; however, there are a few steps you can take in order to save Reel audio for later use. First, find one with music you love; copy its link; visit an external downloader site or app; once found follow instructions provided to save audio directly into your library.

Saving and Using Instagram Reels: Options and Guidelines

Once recorded, you have two options for saving or using it in future Reels: either save it to your phone or computer or follow Instagram’s terms of service so as to not run afoul of their content guidelines.

Instagram’s Upcoming Reel Audio Highlight Feature

Instagram recently unveiled a new feature which highlights Reels created with popular audio tracks. Although this update may not yet appear in your account, don’t worry as it should become available to all soon enough!

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