Instagram verification is an integral component of building credibility and expanding reach on Instagram, but there are some considerations before applying.

To apply, you must be an authentic person or business, with an identifiable presence. Furthermore, your account should be public and complete.

How to request verification

Verification on Instagram is an effective way of showing audiences that your account is the real deal and not some fake. Furthermore, it demonstrates credibility – leading to increased engagement and media attention. Verification is free; simply fill out the form on your profile or navigate directly into the settings menu to request it. Please bring documents proving your identity such as a driver’s license, passport or national identification card when applying; for businesses, official documents such as tax filings, articles of incorporation or recent electrical bills may be accepted instead.

Requirements for Instagram’s Blue Checkmark Verification

Notable accounts on Instagram must meet several core requirements in order to receive the blue checkmark, with the primary criteria being that they represent an established or highly sought-after individual, brand, or entity and have been featured by multiple news sources excluding paid or promotional content.

Key Considerations for Account Creation and Verification on Instagram

Important factors when creating an account include having a clear and authentic name as well as high-quality photographs of either yourself or brand. Finally, your bio should contain updated details like taglines or descriptions; also important is making sure it remains active once submitted for verification.


Securing the blue checkmark badge on Instagram is a fantastic way to demonstrate to your audience that you are legitimate individual or business, and encourage more followers. But this doesn’t guarantee higher visibility or popularity within its algorithm – high-quality content will still need to be produced to stand out!

The Instagram Verification Process: Eligibility and Application Timeline

To apply for verification on Instagram, you must be an actual person or registered business with a valid email address and sufficient proof of ownership, such as utility bills or published articles. Instagram will review your application and notify you as to its status – usually within 30 days.

Maintaining Instagram Verification: Username Stability and Rule Adherence

After becoming verified on Instagram, it’s essential that your username stays the same; changing it would result in you disqualifying yourself from the process. Furthermore, all activities must comply with Instagram’s rules and guidelines – third-party apps offering fake likes, engagement or verification in exchange for money would violate its Terms of Service, potentially leading to your account being suspended by them.

Qualifications for the Instagram Blue Badge: Notability and Representation

To qualify for a blue badge, an account must represent either a real person or business and meet certain requirements: Notability: Your profile should represent someone well known by the public and widely searched on Instagram, as well as being featured by multiple news sources (though sponsored content will not qualify).

Time to wait

Instagram verification is an integral step for both brands and influencers, providing social proof, credibility building, engagement boosting, sales boost and an overall increase in sales. But the process can often take some time and effort before approval is granted.

Key Factors for Instagram Verification

Your best chance at Instagram verification lies in having an exceptional and notable profile that stands out. Additionally, Instagram only verifies accounts which represent real people; they do not endorse profiles that represent fictional characters or businesses that do not exist.

Instagram Verification: Proof of Notability

For further proof that you are noteworthy, include links to news articles about your work or background that don’t promote yourself – ensure these come from reliable news sources without paying or giving money for link placement – in addition to having many followers with detailed bios.

Instagram Verification Requirements and Reapplication Tips

Make sure that your account is public and that it complies with Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines. Any violation could lead to rejection, with some requests taking as long as one month for them to respond – in these instances, try improving your presence and content before reapplying with more info.

Rejection rate

Instagram verification can help increase the credibility of your brand and set it apart among millions of accounts on the platform. Verified accounts tend to rank higher in search results and gain followers faster; however, the process can be challenging for some users; here are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of securing one.

Instagram Verification: Profile Guidelines

Instagram does not encourage its users to include links to other social media platforms on their profile pages, and any such attempts could cause their request for approval to be declined. Furthermore, avoid linking out to websites unrelated to your business and do not include fake names or photos from events unrelated to it – something Instagram takes strongly issue with.

Instagram Verification: Documentation and Story Sharing

If you want to become verified on Instagram, make sure that official documents such as government IDs (like a driver’s license or passport ) or business papers such as tax filings are submitted as evidence of your notable figure or organization. It also helps if any recent stories about them are shared – sharing any links to recent stories will further prove this fact. For added help with the verification process you could hire professional copywriters whose engaging writing can make your Instagram page stand out among its peers.

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