GIFs can be an effective way of drawing attention and promoting campaigns on Instagram Stories. Plus, adding GIFs can expand creativity while raising engagement levels. To share GIFs on Instagram, first convert them into an MP4 video file using an application such as Wondershare Filmora.

Convert the GIF to a video (under 60 seconds)

To post GIFs on Instagram, they must be converted to MP4 video files using online tools or mobile applications available on mobile devices. Some programs even enable you to customize these videos using filters, captions and hashtags for even further personalization.

Kapwing: Your Media Editing and GIF Creation Solution

Kapwing is an application with many features for media file editing and conversion, including GIF creation with adjustable width, height, looping time and trimmable videos with text inserted. Available both for Windows and macOS operating systems.

Make Your GIFs into Instagram-Ready Videos with CloudConvert

CloudConvert, another free and fast online tool that supports over 200 types of files, offers fast conversion of GIF to MP4 video in just a few steps – perfect for uploading to Instagram! Please keep in mind that videos must not exceed 60 seconds in length before posting to Instagram.

Open Instagram

GIF images, or short video clips that recur, are an easy and quick way to add flair to posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, some apps and sites prohibit their use, so in these instances it may be necessary to convert the GIFs into video format compatible with that site or app – an effortless process which doesn’t take long at all!

How to Post GIPHY GIFs on Instagram Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock the GIPHY app on your iPhone, search for and locate a GIF you want to post, then tap the purple Instagram-shaped button. Instagram may request permission to access your camera roll – when prompted choose Feed instead to upload as a 15-second looped video GIF onto Instagram.

Boost Instagram Story Engagement With Eye-Catching GIFs

GIFs in Instagram stories are an effective way to capture your target audience’s attention. From simple snow overlays and sunglasses, to Nyan Cat and Terry Crews reactions, these animations can stand out and encourage viewers to swipe up for more information on your brand or campaign. You could even use one as a story sticker promoting an event or soliciting feedback.

Create a new post

Instagram recently unveiled GIF stickers as part of Stories and Reels. These short animated clips can be added to your Stories to grab followers’ attention and can make for engaging updates for Instagram Reels users.

How to Quickly Insert GIFs Into Instagram Stories and Reels

To post GIFs to Instagram Stories or Reels, first open the Instagram app and tap the Story camera icon at the top right of your screen. Then tap on the smiley-face sticker button, which gives access to GIF options.

Flicker GIFs on Instagram without Issue: An Easy How-to Guide

Once you’ve selected a GIF, Instagram will prompt you to download it as an MP4 video file or save it directly into your camera roll allowing direct uploading onto Instagram feeds and Stories.

Quick Comparison Between GIF to Video Apps – Filmora, Kapwing and ImgPlay

Wondershare Filmora, Kapwing, and ImgPlay are three apps designed to help convert GIFs to videos, with similar features such as adding captions, filters, location tags, aspect ratio options to choose from, etc. All work on both computers and mobile devices and offer similar capabilities – for instance captioning filters and location tagging.

Customize with filters

GIFs are an easy and eye-catching way to enhance the aesthetics of your Instagram story, drawing users in and helping attract new followers. Use GIFs as calls-to-action encouraging viewers to visit your website or purchase your products and services.

GIPHY: The Ultimate Instagram Companion for GIF Lovers

One effective way of doing this is downloading GIPHY. This app features a large collection of GIFs for you to browse and customize based on themes or categories; upload your own GIFs, create playlists or make custom GIFs of yourself for use in GIPHY!

Kapwing: Easy Media Editing Solutions for Everyone

Kapwing provides another option, featuring various tools for editing media files – from video-to-GIF converters to photo editors – all for free and on both computers and mobile devices.

How to Share GIFs on Instagram for Maximum Engagement

Start by searching for the GIF you wish to convert in the search box, and when it has been identified, press its paper airplane-shaped share button (in the upper right corner) before selecting Instagram as your preferred medium of posting it.

Share your post

GIFs are an excellent way to add movement and depth to your Instagram stories, but you should use them sparingly; too many may distract from your story and confuse followers. Furthermore, we advise including captions and hashtags with all GIFs posted to make them even more dynamic.

Efficiently Share GIFs on Instagram From PC: A Quick Guide

GIF to Video app on PC enables you to easily transform a GIF into a short video that you can post directly on Instagram. It is free and can be found both Apple and Google Play stores. Simply choose the GIF you wish to post before pressing the paper airplane-shaped button that looks between heart and three dots (the app opens Instagram for permission to upload your GIF).

Boomerang: Capturing Moments into GIFs for Instagram Visual Delight

Boomerang, Instagram’s free GIF creation app, makes posting GIFs much simpler by enabling you to quickly capture short videos and transform them into engaging GIF animations – great for highlighting products or events!

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