Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) is an excellent way to build trust and expand your following on Instagram, but be mindful of copyright laws when creating UGC posts and make sure that permission and credit is being given where due.

To share an old post or story again, touch the ellipsis in the top-right corner and then tap “Share.” Additionally, you can edit or add filters before sharing this post or story.

Find the Post

Instagram provides multiple content formats for you and your audience: Posts, Stories and Reels. In addition, user-generated content (UGC) from other accounts provides an incredible source of UGC to repost. UGC plays an essential role in any successful social media marketing strategy as it allows authentic experiences that resonate with audiences to be shared among followers.

Before posting user-uploaded posts to Instagram, it’s essential that you are aware of copyright laws. Before reposting their content onto your account, first obtain permission from the original poster – this way you respect their privacy while building trust among your audience.

Instagram Reposting Guide: With Proper Attribution

To repost, find and open the post you wish to repost in Instagram app, tap three-dot menu in top-right corner and select “post on Instagram.” When this appears, choose “Post” option then “Format/Design Options.” Additionally, keep the original poster’s attribution label intact as this will show up under “Share on Other Platforms.” Afterward, just remember to give them credit in caption.

Obtain Permission

Instagram doesn’t offer a native reposting function like other social media platforms do, but there are apps available that can do the work for you. If you wish to repost Instagram content without using an app, however, be sure to gain permission from its original creator by commenting or messaging them directly first.

Proper Attribution on Instagram: Credit the Creator

As part of your reposting, it’s also important to credit the creator of the post when reposting their content. Without properly acknowledging them in your post captions or tag them directly in social media posts, people might not understand who made an image or video you repost.

Instagram Reposting Tips

Reposting user-generated content on Instagram can be an excellent way to expand engagement and raise brand awareness, but it’s essential that you follow all applicable regulations and best practices when reposting to stay within the law and create ethical solutions for your target audience. Follow these tips when reposting user-generated posts so you can use Instagram reposting as part of your business in an ethical and beneficial manner.

Use a Reposting App

There are various reposting apps for Instagram available for download onto your phone. While some are free, others require subscription fees or have some sort of money-back guarantee or protection in case the app stops working upon download, and because many apps undergo frequent upgrades/changes you should always read reviews prior to making a decision on which app(s) to download.

Utilizing a reposting app makes reposting content easy; just ensure that any material posted relates back to your brand and marketing strategy.

Efficient Instagram Reposting with Tailwind

Another option for reposting to Instagram is using a third-party website like Tailwind, which offers more advanced tools for planning, scheduling and managing Instagram content (photos and videos).

Effortless Instagram Reposting with Attribution

Launch the desired application, copy the post’s link, then switch over to Instagram and repost. When reposting, make any necessary edits such as editing captions if necessary and tag its original author to ensure proper credit is given for their original post.

Customize Your Repost

User-generated content (UGC) posted to Instagram can help build trust with your audience and demonstrate real life examples of how your products or services work for customers, which can act as a powerful selling point and influence purchasing decisions.

Engaging Instagram Reposts with Personalized Captions

When reposting content to Instagram, be sure to personalize and add your own caption so it stays on brand and engages your followers. Furthermore, tag both the original poster and any relevant accounts (e.g. your business partner or influencer).

Reposting with Third-Party Apps: Etiquette and Guidelines

When reposting photos and Reels with third-party apps, it’s important to be familiar with their rules and best practices. Some require crediting creators in captions; other apps allow you to @mention them if they have public accounts.

Easy Instagram Reposting with Apps and Tools

Many of the best Instagram reposting apps make this task straightforward by automatically providing citations. Furthermore, NapoleonCat’s Publisher tool also makes re-posting photos or Reels simple on desktop.


Instagram can be an extremely effective marketing tool that allows businesses to connect with their audience and build trust, but creating fresh content can be time consuming for brands who must regularly produce fresh posts or stories. Reposting existing posts and stories allows brands to increase engagement without devoting as much energy to content production.

Quick and Simple Instagram Reposts: Using Screenshots

Reposting on Instagram with screenshots is one of the quickest and easiest methods of reposting. Simply locate an Instagram post or story you want to repost, ask permission from its creator, then capture a screen shot using your phone camera – then upload the repost onto your Instagram feed while editing its caption if necessary.

Respectful Instagram Reposting: Edits and Acknowledgment

Minor adjustments may be permitted, but extensive alterations should be avoided as doing so may come across as fake or inauthentic. For instance, you shouldn’t alter photos or videos with stickers or filters not approved by their original creator; credit them instead by tagging them in posts and stories.

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